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Sales Assessment Product


Strategic Assessment for Leading-edge Evaluation in Sales

We put into light what was before hidden: persuasive techniques, client engagement, negotiation tactics, objection handling, rapport building.

This assessment tool is pivotal for businesses in sales-driven roles and for academic programs in Marketing, Business Management, and Entrepreneurship, providing essential insights into the art of selling and customer relationship management.

Best Sales Assessments Tests
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Sales Dynamics

Understanding Sales Performance: The Benchmark in Sales Skills Assessment

Introducing SALES: The Forefront of Sales Evaluation. SALES (Strategic Assessment for Leading-edge Evaluation in Sales) transforms the landscape of sales skills assessment with a scenario-based approach. Our innovative test challenges sales professionals with real-life customer interactions and deal-closing situations, transcending traditional assessment by focusing on essential sales attributes.

Practical Engagement for Authentic Sales Testing

Sales personnel are tested through realistic, scenario-driven challenges that reflect the daily hustle of the sales environment. Unlike theoretical examinations, our method emphasizes active engagement, allowing sales professionals to demonstrate their persuasive communication, strategic thinking, and customer relationship management under realistic pressure.

Dynamic Evaluation for a Competitive Edge

SALES goes beyond static questioning, adapting to participants' responses to simulate actual sales negotiations. It's designed to gauge one's ability to innovate, pivot, and execute sales strategies effectively. This test is your gateway to identifying and refining the critical skills that drive successful outcomes in competitive sales markets.

SALES: Improving Inclusivity

The SALES assessment challenges sales professionals with dynamic, real-life situations, emphasizing the importance of adaptive thinking and interpersonal skills. By simulating the nature of the sales field, it minimizes discrimination based on academic background or sales theory, instead rewarding practical, on-the-ground sales ability and problem-solving skills.

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