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Improving Inclusivity

Skillscaper's Approach to Inclusive Talent Acquisition

As a purpose driven company, it is our values that drive us.

Unveiling Hidden Potential

In today's recruitment landscape, the standard metrics of academic degrees and linear career progression often overshadow the diverse array of talents that individuals bring to the table. At Skillscaper, we challenge this norm by recognizing the unique blend of skills and experiences each person possesses, which may not always be evident in a standard resume.


Our groundbreaking skill method focuses on "non-linear assessment" and "sensitivity to context", uncovering talents that are frequently overlooked. Consider, for instance, the comparison between a conventional salesperson and an individual with keen contextual intelligence but without impressive formal qualifications. In a dynamic sales environment, the latter might outperform due to their ability to adapt and intuitive strategies for engaging customers.


Skillscaper brings these non-traditional skills to the forefront, paving the way for more inclusive hiring practices. By evaluating how individuals react and adapt in real scenarios, we help employers identify candidates who, despite not having a typical academic or professional background, possess invaluable skills for their organization. Our approach aims to eliminate unconscious biases and promote fair assessment, giving every candidate a chance to shine based on their true strengths.


Adopting Skillscaper's method not only enhances diversity and inclusivity in hiring processes but also uncovers hidden talents that can bring immense value to organizations. These are the talents that companies would not have discovered through traditional recruitment methods. By broadening the scope of talent search beyond conventional parameters, Skillscaper empowers companies to tap into a richer, more diverse talent pool, driving innovation and growth through inclusive recruitment.

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