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Diplomacy Assessment Product


Detecting Individual Performance Leading to Optimal Management Accommodating Transactions and Intelligent Compromise

We put into light what was before hidden: rhetoric, drama coherence,
emotional control, defensive strategy, vulnerability awareness.

It's a critical tool for businesses, especially for roles in negotiation and for academic institutions in disciplines like Communication, Arts, Psychology, and Commerce. 

Best Diplomacy Assessments Tests
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Change the Game

Introducing DIPLOMATIC: The Vanguard of Diplomatic Skills Assessment

DIPLOMATIC (Detecting Individual Performance Leading to Optimal Management Accommodating Transactions and Intelligent Compromise) revolutionizes the assessment of diplomatic skills with its innovative, scenario-based approach. This groundbreaking tool transcends conventional evaluation methods by focusing on key attributes crucial in diplomacy and related fields.

Real-World Scenarios for Comprehensive Diplomacy Testing

Participants are immersed in meticulously crafted scenarios that simulate real-world diplomatic challenges. This approach tests not just theoretical knowledge, but the practical application of diplomatic skills. The immersive nature of these scenarios is tailored to prepare individuals for the stress and complexities of actual diplomatic encounters, enabling them to demonstrate their true capabilities in negotiation, persuasion, and strategic communication under pressure.

Adaptive Testing for a Holistic Skill Evaluation

DIPLOMATIC dynamically adjusts to participants' responses, mirroring the fluid and often unpredictable nature of diplomatic interactions. The test is designed to evaluate and reward rhetorical finesse, dramatic sensibility (strategic emotional appeal), defensive strategy, and sensitivity to vulnerabilities. Its comprehensive nature makes it an ideal tool for a wide range of applications.

DIPLOMATIC: Improving Inclusivity

DIPLOMATIC engages participants in scenarios that require more than just diplomatic knowledge; it evaluates perception. This modern approach to assessing diplomatic skills ensures a fair evaluation by focusing on one's ability to navigate environments and interactions, effectively reducing biases towards any particular educational or background.

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