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Diplomacy Skill Assessments

Dialogue Test

 Evaluating Skills
In Their Context

Context Skill Assessments
Context Skill Assessments

Just because someone has superior knowledge doesn't mean they know how to use it effectively, nor are they necessarily the most suitable person for the company and structure they join. Efficacy comes from another level of mastery.


Skillscaper is the only company that evaluates this aspect of candidates.

Unveiling Hidden Potential

NonLinear Tests
Best English Skills Assessment

English Test

Best Sales Skills Assessment

Sales Test

The Only Immersive  Nonlinear  Test

Traditional assessments follow a linear path, taking little account of real- world complexities. Skillscaper breaks this mold by offering non-linear assessments that mirror the dynamic nature of actual tasks.


Our tests throw the candidate into the context. The scenarios develop complex, nuanced possibilities adapted in real time to the candidate’s behavior. This is the key to obtaining an accurate representation of a candidate's abilities and their capacity to handle dynamic situations.

Best English Tests


English Test

Dive into a world where your language skills come to life. Gauge your English acumen through our immersive, scenario-driven assessment.

Best Skills Tests
Best English Test
Best Diplomacy Skills Assessments


Comm. & Psycho. Test

Step into the arena of global dialogue and geopolitical problem-solving. Experience the future of diplomatic proficiency assessment where evaluation meets innovation.

Best Sales Skills Tests
Best Skills Assessment Test
Best Innovative Skill Tests


Sales Test

Understand your selling behavior with our concise assessment. Analyze your negotiation skills and engagement strategies through real scenarios.

Best IA Assessment Test
Best Sales Assessment Test
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We will Build your Product

Create an assessment test tailored to the unique context of your organization.

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Skillscaper has an approach no other company has thought of.

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