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Jad Ahdab
Co-Founder &
Chief Executive Officer


Peter Isackson
Co-Founder &
Chief Visionary Officer

John Carnegie carré 2.png

John Carnegie

louis fippo fitime creative.png

Louis Fippo Fitime
Co-Founder &
Chief Technology Officer

Atul Singh 2.png

Atul Singh
Co-Founder &
PR Director

Roberta 2.png

Roberta Campani

Communication and

Lead Acquisition Manager

the Team

Our co-founder Peter Isackson, Chief Visionary Officer, an Oxford graduate with over 40 years of experience in educational software and consulting is behind this groundbreaking initiative.

Jad Ahdab, Co-Founder and CEO, a seasoned entrepreneur, has launched companies and products in Europe, Dubai, and the USA, winning multiple awards for his work.

Peter Isackson, Co-Founder and CVO, is a pioneer in multimedia, having created innovative content and tools, regularly speaking at prestigious conferences around the world.

Louis Fippo Fitime, Co-Founder and CTO, Ph.D., teacher-researcher in computer science specializing in Formal Methods, I.A., and Data Sciences.

Atul Singh, Co-Founder and PR Director, also an Oxford graduate, is an expert in finance, strategy and entrepreneurship. He is also the CEO of Fair Observer with more than 1.5 M readers per year.

John Carnegie, COO, has over 30 years in EdTech, working with Ministries of Education, and has been in the management of companies such as ATTICA bookstore and DynEd.

Roberta Campani, Communication and Lead Acquisition Manager, has experience in academic research, including at a start-up affiliated with the Adecco group.


We count among our advisors renowned experts who have held positions of high responsibility within the largest companies.

Pierre Morlière, president ADEQ (Agence de Développement de l’Economie Quaternaire).  Former CEO of Citcom (France Telecom), creator of France Telecom's corporate university.

William Softky, a software biophysicist, scientific thinker, AI developer and Silicon Valley technology guru with his name on 10 patents.  Two of the companies he inspired were acquired for $160 million total.


Ethan Stock, software startup founder, leader, and manager. Expertise in search engines, local & location-based services, digital advertising, big data & analytics, machine learning, self-service/crowdsourcing, enterprise SaaS software, and digital marketing.

Our Mission
Our Mission


At Skillscaper, we embark on a mission to redefine talent discovery and cultivation. We recognize that the human potential is as vast and intricate as the galaxy itself, and our journey begins with unlocking the stellar talents within individuals.


Our story unfolds with a deep understanding of human instincts and reflexes, those innate qualities that guide decision-making and rapid adaptability. Skillscaper's assessment tools delve into these natural inclinations, illuminating paths to talent that align seamlessly with an organization's values and aspirations.


But our commitment to transformative assessments doesn't stop there. Skillscaper takes you on an immersive journey, immersing testees in real-world scenarios to witness their capabilities firsthand. We believe that observing performance within the context of authentic workplace challenges is the key to making better, more informed hiring decisions.


The frontier of talent acquisition is advancing, and Skillscaper leads the way by integrating cutting-edge AI technology. Our AI-driven platform analyzes vast datasets to identify top skills efficiently and effectively. We offer a glimpse into the future of assessments, where AI-powered assessments streamline the quest for the perfect candidates.

Skillscaper is more than assessment tools; it's a cosmic exploration of human potential, guided by the stars of instincts, reflexes, immersion, and AI innovation.

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