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Verifying Profils

This robust tool goes beyond the surface, providing an in-depth legitimacy check of candidate profiles. With a click, HR teams can now verify not just the skills but also the authenticity of a LinkedIn profile, ensuring that every consideration of a candidate is grounded in factual representation.

In today's digital hiring arena, a resume's authenticity is as crucial as the skills it lists. The Skillscaper Plugin acts as your authenticity filter, flagging discrepancies and confirming the legitimacy of candidates'; educational and professional histories. This verification guard empowers you to make informed decisions, fostering a hiring culture that values transparency and honesty. Embrace the confidence that comes with knowing your candidates' LinkedIn profiles are as legitimate as they appear, thanks to the precision of Skillscaper's technology.

Verifying Skills

When a skill is verified by our plugin, it signifies that the individual has successfully passed relevant skill assessments within the Skillscaper environment, offering tangible proof of their abilities. This level of validation streamlines your recruitment workflow and substantially uplifts the caliber of your potential hires.

Our plugin directly addresses the challenge of verifying self-reported skills. It’s an assurance that the proficiencies candidates showcase on LinkedIn are not merely self- endorsed but are substantiated by Skillscaper's comprehensive testing mechanisms. For HR professionals, this means a seamless connection to a pool of candidates whose skills have been genuinely validated, ensuring your team is built with individuals whose expertise has been truly confirmed, aligning perfectly with your company's standards and aspirations.

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